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[[ Masoom ]] Crimson Curse Collection @ Equal10

[[ Masoom ]] Crimson Curse Collection @ Equal10

Amber Takeda: Owner of [[ Masoom ]] has added a photo to the pool:

[[ Masoom ]] Crimson Curse Collection @ Equal10


? NEW!!!! WAIFU BOOBS and WAIFU+ROLLS added! ?

We are excited for this release and we are doing a Giveaway !! Facebook AND Flickr
You can win on both places
To join Flickr click here: Fav and comment!
To join FB click here: Like and comment!
4 Total winners would be selected – Last date to enter: 13th October

Get ready for Halloween with the gorgeous Masoom’s Crimson Curse and bring out the sexy vamp in you!! Check it out at Equal10!???

Compatible with: Waifu Boobs, Waifu + Rolls, Juicy Rolls, Mounds(Reborn), Ebody Reborn, Kupra, Legacy, Legacy Perky, Lara, Lara Petite

Taxi to Equal10:

In our Mainstore after the event:…

Single Packs

12 Top colors
– 12 Bows colors
– 12 Border colors
– 4 Metal colors

12 Skirt colors
– 12 Straps colors
– 4 Metal colors
– Straps On/Off

18 Gorgeous colors for all parts!

18 Top colors
– Top, Border, Bows, Inner Top
– 4 metal colors
For a total of 76 color combination!

18 Shoes colors
– Border, Skirt, Straps
– Straps On/Off
For a total of 58 color combination!

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