Teleport Hub Live! ( is a non-profit website dedicated to SL Residents. It is a self-serviced marketing portal. Our goal is to provide the latest information about second life such as new products, new event announcements, hunts, etc. Live! is a product of, our main website. Please read the following information about how to use and post your content to Live!.

Disclaimers: Live! and our partners do not guarantee any item/product posted on this website is available, high quality, authentic, or legal. We only provide news to you. For any question or any issue, please contact the seller/merchant directly. Any dispute shall remain between those sellers and/or buyers. Second Life® is a registered trademark of Linden Labs Research Inc. – Live! & are not affiliated with Second Life® & Linden Lab Inc. in any way.

How to post your content to Live? 

It is very easy to post your content to Live!. In fact, it is very easy to do like nothing change in your routine. Here is how to post content to Live!

Whenever you add/upload your product pics to Flickr, simply add them to our group name “Second Life Vendor Pictures” (link). Done. Our system will post them to Live! automatically within 4 minutes or faster. The post title will be your Flickr picture title. So please make sure you write a nice title. A good title should be like [store name] – [product name]

Would Live! repost my item if I bumped the photo (changed the post’s date time)?

No, Live! would not repost your item. The system would automatically filter out existing item(s).

Does it cost anything to use Live!’s service?

Absolutely nothing. Although, we may offer some advertising packages to cover the cost of running the server.

What kind of content can you post to Live?

You can post any content you like related to second life vendor product pics, group gifts (any kind – yes we are that cool ^_^), event announcement & banners, event product compilation pics, blogger search banner, and store sale banners. However, please do not post 100% nude photos (please censor the private parts in this case), porn, porn depicting acts, & blogger photos to our Flickr group. Violators will be banned from the Flickr group and will have posting right taken away.

How to make sure your products are searchable on Live! ?

Please make sure you write the photo title well. We recommend using this format: [store name] – [product name]. For example: Black top by blueberry or Bluebery – Black Top. For event info, please make sure you write out the event name. For example: Shiny Shabby August 2017 round products. A bad name/title will look this this: “NEW GROUP GIFT!!”

What will happen if you get banned from the Flickr Group?

If you got banned from the Flickr Group, all your pics would be removed from the group. We do allow designers to rejoin but they have to email us to ask for it and show that they are aware of the rules.

Your images show up blank or broken link on TeleportHub Live! How to fix this problem?

Easy fix. You should edit Flickr Settings and give Flickr viewers permission to download/save your pics. You are doing marketing. It makes sense to give permission to download and view the pics.

If you want to contact us, please feel free to send email to

Enjoy, Live!