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Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death

Salt Peppermint has added a photo to the pool:

Kiss of Death

The final reveal!

Interactive Kiss of Death gown and fountain are coming to Equal10, opening Oct 10th, noon SLT
Both items are equipped with the S&P BLOODsense system

The gown and the fountain are interactive.

Wear the gown and get close to the fountain, get blood splashed allover!
Your gown will be blood stained and drip with blood.
To clean your self , drink the included HOLY WATER !

Set the recovery time in your HUD
default is set to 90 seconds, you can always change that time, means how long the gown will stay bloody before it returns to normal.
Drinking the Holy Water cleans it instantly.
You can also set the gown to be constantly bloody or not to react to the fountain at all, it’s all up to you!

The gown comes wiht a huge color hud to change, corset , top, strings, metals and skirt separately and of course with some extra heavy blood options for the blood lovers!

available sizes:
Lara Petite
Reborn Waifu
GenX Classic
GenX Classic Dainty

The fountain is sold in 4 different colors: obsedian, limestone, sandstone and concrete

hair: wings – ER 0530
Exile – Versaille

poses and backdrop: Foxcity




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