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FOXCITY. Support Club

FOXCITY. Support Club

Satomi Masukami has added a photo to the pool:

FOXCITY. Support Club

Our final release for Uber is Support Club – a group pose with phone, compact & brush props included. Please remember to rez props for friends as they are no transfer.

We hope you like it!

Paste this directly into your viewer’s address bar for a quick taxi –>>

Kibitz – Tattoo choker – heart lock
Phedora ~ Karma Heels
{le fil casse} Coral Denim Dress

Mea Tenebra : . Thirsty choker
MOMOCHUU :: Clover Dress
MOMOCHUU :: Jade MaryJane & Socks
Lamb. Boy
DRD New Year aftermath
Oasis: "InstaSnap" Polaroid Camera
PILOT – Plant Stand Trio (with different plants)
dust bunny . potted dragon tree
Myth – Laundry basket opened
Nutmeg. Serene Poolside Towel Basket
[ zerkalo ] Gaming Room Gacha – Beer
{vespertine} floor confetti cover
{moss&mink} Face Towels & Face Creams (Homme)
Bottle of Spilled Pills from MP

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