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Baby Bubbles (Token Toy)

Baby Bubbles (Token Toy)

Carrie Tatsu // Zooby has added a photo to the pool:

Baby Bubbles (Token Toy)

Happy Holidays everyone! We have another token toy! Zooby Baby Bubbles! If you have tokens please use the Zooby Animesh Baby Hud to redeem your toy! It is beyond adorable.

Also we have tested the last levels. We ARE SO CLOSE and I hope to have your baby walk before the end of the year! Here is what is coming..

1) Jack in the Box baby toy
2) 15 clothing items
3) Levels 7-15 where your baby learns to walk and run. Your baby will learn new words and learn to go through a colorful tube and learn to pull themselves up with a little stool.

After new year
1) Newborn levels – Will be far easier to develop
2) Newborn toys
3) Getting started on coding the Animesh Cat

Enjoy! –



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