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Witch's Academia Outfit

Witch's Academia Outfit

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Witch's Academia Outfit

Hey all !

It’s spooky October, and with it comes a new Halloween themed outfit

Witch’s Academia Outfit !


Witch’s Academia Outfit:

Description: A modern witch uniform worn by certain members of the Witch’s Academia

• Copy & Mod.

• Rigged for: Legacy + Legacy Perky. Undies included, can be texture changed or hidden via the hud to up to 6 variants

• Comes with a textures HUD which allows the wearer to change the texture of the Dress 4 types in total.

• Witch’s Academia Footwear: Comes with a textures HUD which allows the wearer to change the texture of the footwears to up to 4 types in total that matches the dress and hat.

• Witch’s Academia Choker ( Unrigged & rigged )

• Witch’s Academia Hat: 4 Textures Hud matching the dress and socks

• Witch’s Academia Batsy Wand: A cute bat wand. Rigged & unrigged version for photos. Rigged version attaches itself to the wearers dress in its corresponding place

• Witch’s Academia Spellbook bag: Rigged pieces that attaches itself to the right thigh. Can be changed to 2 variants: Brown, dark leather color.

Demo Available

This item is now available at the Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa 2021

TP Link:

• Some previously released Halloween themed items will also be on sale this round of Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa 2021

Aaand also, The Giant Rat Thief Sac is back once again ! check the other product image for more details

• Pot of Sweets Greed is also now back, it’s now in the trick or hunt gift

• Trick or Treat date: October 13th 8am (SLT) START

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