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Vinyl @ N21 Giveaway & WIP!!

Vinyl @ N21 Giveaway & WIP!!

aka Sukoshitosuto Resident has added a photo to the pool:

Vinyl @ N21 Giveaway & WIP!!


Hi guys!! Here’s a sneak peek @ my releases for his upcoming round of N21! I hope you all like.

Stop by and pick up our newest release as soon as N21 is open. Don’t hesitate, refunds will be given to winners if you happen to pick it up before you are announced 😉

To enter our WIP Social Media Giveaway, help me share my WIP by loving and sharing and you will be entered into a giveaway for bloggers paks given to 2 Flickr ❤ Please add your name if you want to win so I can find you ♥ Sometimes it’s impossible for me to sleuth good enough to find you guys!

Please remember, if you have duplicate names posted in this giveaway.. you will be disqualified to make it fair for customers playing by the rules. ♥

-Toast ♥

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