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Utopia / Rima for @Blanc. *Limited 'Undead' Tone*

Utopia / Rima for @Blanc. *Limited 'Undead' Tone*

Miu ♡ Utopia Skins has added a photo to the pool:

Utopia / Rima for @Blanc. *Limited 'Undead' Tone*

Happy to introduce you Rima!
Hope you guys like her! ♡→ܫ←♡

She has a limited ‘undead’ tone that includes body applier within purchase! It’s a very light and pale tone. Time to get spoopy!

Also, always DEMO the shapes because I try hard to make them ultra cutesy and they match every detail on the skin, so it’s good to use them as a base! Mix & match with my skins and shapes are a fun thing to do as well!

She has 8 tones options, with brows/browless versions and BOM only.

HD ears & shape included. Shown on Ceylon.

Teleport to Blanc.


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