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I added a few more Luckyboards, and all – Mini/Midnight Mania and Luckys change with every round, Lucky’s also contain color sets and your prize will be a full universal version of course. Also, I added Offer boards – each day there will be a different item on sale – Hairstyles, Color sets – the one at the entrance is open to everyone and the one in the Group Lounge is for group members only so they have 2 Items for Sale each day to choose from – you can click the subscribe button on each board to get a message as soon as the style changes and you can check the week’s schedule too. Note that those Sales run under another system, which means you can’t collect store credit, hence you can’t pay with store credit/gift cards. Visit .EscalateD. @ Bloodwine

currently, we have Briana for 150L$ open for all
and Freya for 150L$ Group Only

next Deal will be set at Midnight SLT

hope you enjoy ❤

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