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Trick or Treat at Ravenous Moon

Trick or Treat at Ravenous Moon

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Trick or Treat at Ravenous Moon

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Inx and Abby Blackwall. After taking the time to explore their sim a little bit, I’m happy to share with you some juicy tidbits about the fun they have in store for you!

Not only do they have free gifts, which you can hunt around the sim to find in the form of balloons attached to pumpkin baskets, but the amount of work they put into their sim shows you the passion they have for bringing you an enjoyable experience.

As of today, Ravenous Moon is already open. They’ve several places that you can explore around and get lost in for hours. A hospital with a functioning elevator and some permanent residents, be careful with getting too close to the glass! It might just provoke the patients within. (Psst… walk into the glass. 😉 )

You’ve a diner to relax in, some city scape to explore as well as some pretty lights in the sky if you look up at the right place. Not to mention the spoopy pumpkin patch and, if you take a wrong turn, you might get a certain someone to appear and follow you around.

I’m sure I’m rambling here, but I won’t forget to mention the amazing stores they have in the shopping district. After you’ve had a chance to explore the neighborhood, head on down to the shopping district to check out all the stores that have set up shop. You’ll find a familiar face there along with some other great creators that you can find a variety of goodies in. I personally am eyeing a couple sets of piercings for Daddy to approve.

If you want to check the place out, you can head here to Ravenous Moon! While you’re there, keep an eye out because they plan to have events throughout the month. I promise the visit will be worth it!

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