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Tina Bodysuit – Dress to Impress

Tina Bodysuit - Dress to Impress

{Twisted Embrace} has added a photo to the pool:

Tina Bodysuit - Dress to Impress

I present you "Tina", a sexy and classy Bodysuit you can use in many ways!

The HUD let you choose between:
-16 Leather HQ textures ,
-4 Metal HQ textures for the buttons,
-5 transparency options, (click on the icon of the part concerned to return to 0% transparency),
-5 options for glossiness to give a nice shiny effect (click on the bottle of lubricant icon to apply the minimum amount of glossiness),
-9 Gloss colors to take advantage of Lights around you.

Important: Use Advanced Lighting Model for best effects!!

Try Tina Bodysuit

Group members can get a 10% Discount at inworld Store.

Thanks again for your support and feedback.

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