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"The Rosemary" @ The Warehouse Sale October 2021

"The Rosemary" @ The Warehouse Sale October 2021

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"The Rosemary" @ The Warehouse Sale October 2021

The Edwardian theme continues through the month, this time with an unusual c. 1912 (I like to think it also works for modern eras) half mourning dinner gown in silk crêpe that features an asymmetrical design and bias cut skirt. Half mourning attire was worn in the later stages of mourning and would last between three to six months. This gown in particular was heavily inspired by a dress designed by Lucile, an early 20th century designer.

The Rosemary Half Mourning Dinner Gown comes fitted for Legacy, Perky, and Maitreya bodies.

Single packs are sold per silk color, 12 colors are available for single pack purchases. Each single pack includes a HUD for choosing the gown’s trim color (12 colors in the HUD for the single pack). The Full Pack includes an additional 10 colors, with a total of 22 colors to mix and match.

Please exercise smart shopping and try a demo before purchasing. Demos are available at the event venue and at the front of our shop location as well.

As always, we hope you enjoy.

The Warehouse Sale opens on the 23rd at 10pm PDT.
The Warehouse Sale
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