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The Medieval Market – Hedeby Cheesemaker Stall

The Medieval Market - Hedeby Cheesemaker Stall

Del-ka Aedilis has added a photo to the pool:

The Medieval Market - Hedeby Cheesemaker Stall

The Hedeby Cheesemaker Stall fits into your medieval or northern market scene.

The set contains a historical medieval market tent with colorful pennants, a market table with a selection of specialty cheeses, crates with cheese, and a barrel table with cheese bites to taste.

It comes with 25% as a new & exclusive item for this round of the We love role-play Event (Sept 4-30)

Land Impact:
Tent – 2 LI, without Physics
Tent – 4LI, with Physics
Table with cheese – 1LI
Table empty – 0.5 LI
Stack of crates – 0.5 LI
Barrel with cheese snacks – 0.5LI

All items are
copy, mod
Original mesh
Advanced Lighting enabled

Table, crates and barrel come in 3 wood tones to fit perfectly into your place.

If you link the crates and the barrel, the whole market stall with decoration has a Land Impact of only 4.

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