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The Beehive Event (Kawaii Version)

The Beehive Event (Kawaii Version)

Kieran Stephens has added a photo to the pool:

The Beehive Event (Kawaii Version)

I’m sure you know by now about our BEEHIVE EVENT. We’ve still got vendor spaces left, and we’re still rocking and rolling through. The event is a GENERAL EVENT, but with an emphasis on being LBGTQIA+ friendly. We’d love for vendors to give a gift of under 50L during the event but no rush we know everyone is packed. We’d also love to mention : NO EXCLUSIVES ARE REQUIRED.

If you want information please head to the website here:
Our discord is here:
Our offices are here:

And keep applying , we’ll accept members for the JULY AND AUGUST ROUNDS if we run out of space!

Questions or concerns? or <3

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