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Snuggle Bunny Activity Backrest

Snuggle Bunny Activity Backrest

babybopsl has added a photo to the pool:

Snuggle Bunny Activity Backrest

❤Introducing the Snuggle Bunny Activity Backrest – the ultimate playtime companion for your adorable Zooby babies, Toddleedoo and Bebe Avatars

❤Also features automatic moving activity coloring and playdoh tables to stimulate that your baby is having the best playtime! Rezzes seating for the parents! (for zooby babies)
View a quick snippet of the zooby functionality here –
❤Endless Fun and Creativity
Watch your little ones light up with joy as they explore the interactive activity tables, featuring:
-❤Coloring stations to unleash their inner artist
-❤Playdoh tables for hands-on, imaginative play
-❤Nuggies Snack time for satisfying their tiny tummies
-❤Popcorn stations for cozy movie nights

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