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Snow Maiden Gnome Full Bento Avatar_7

Snow Maiden Gnome Full Bento Avatar_7

GoranOsterham has added a photo to the pool:

Snow Maiden Gnome Full Bento Avatar_7

We are glad to present the incredible Snow Maiden Gnome for Christmas and New Year celebrating!
Its an avatar you must have for entertainment and we hope you will enjoy it the most.

Snow Maiden Gnome avatar uses BOM system. It is BENTO, so you can modify the shape as much as you can.
It will also work with any standard AO.

The package contains:
1. SnowMaidenGnome (modifyable).
2. SnowMaidenGnome Diadem (modifyable).
3. SnowMaidenGnome Skin (modifyable). (You may use any other BOM skin With UV map from Makehumen, if you wish).
4. SnowMaidenGnome Alpha (modifyable).
5: SnowMaidenGnome Shape (modifyable).

To avoid any issue with this avatar, we suggest to remove ANYTHING you may have on and then
to WEAR the folder !Skifija Snow Maiden Gnome Full Bento Avatar.

Members of the 4-Seasons group have a 50% discount on the 4-Seasons event (Beginning – December 5th)

Members of the Skifija Landscape group have a 30% discount on the Main Store

Have Fun!

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