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Skifija Fairy Maiden v_0_1

Skifija Fairy Maiden v_0_1

GoranOsterham has added a photo to the pool:

Skifija Fairy Maiden v_0_1
Fairy Avatar – Small, Bento, BOM.

Do you want to be a little Fairy?
Just wear what is in this package and you will become the hero of the Fairy Tale.

The avatar is modifiable and you can customize it as you want.
The eyes are BOM and you can use any you like.
Clothing layers are modifiable.
Standard SL skins won’t fit but you can use skin textures from Makehuman, this is free licensed and you can find it on the internet.

Wings have their own animations and scripts (no mod).
You can use any AO you like, they won’t interfere.

Have Fun!

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