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Eva Shadowmend has added a photo to the pool:


✨ A Secret Shimmer of Longing… Revealing AGAIN Eyes by +SHADOWMEND+ ✨

Uncover a touch of adorable and bittersweet yearning with our newest creations. These captivating eyes, filled with vibrant colors and a touch of wistful magic, hold a bittersweet secret…

Within each iris, a shimmering reflection flickers – a hint of a special someone who makes your heart flutter with longing. A playful crush, a missed opportunity, or a love that lingers sweetly in your dreams.

Choose from 30 enchanting shades:

~13 Traditional Shades: Perfect for everyday sweetness with a hint of longing.

~13 Fantasy Shades: Embrace a touch of whimsy and otherworldly charm.

~4 Bonus Shades: Exclusive to the Fatpack, these unique colors add an extra layer of mystery and allure.

Discover the magic for yourself, exclusively at the Kawaii Secrets Event! Visit our booth today.


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