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Secret Sale April 23-25

Secret Sale April 23-25

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Secret Sale April 23-25

Tired of missing out on all the best sales? Ready to unlock the secret to saving hundreds on your favorite brands every week? Then its time you discovered the Secret Sale! Here is how it works! Every Saturday the Secret Sale will reveal its new discount list featuring hundreds of items marked all the way down to L$50 and L$99!

The discounted prices will be available all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday until 11:59pm SLT; once the clock strikes midnight the vendors will disappear along with the savings.


1. First grab your free copy of the Secret Sale HUD from our in-world headquarters located here>…

2. Once you have the HUD simply wear it and it will then automatically update to the latest shopping guide.

3. Then simply scroll through the images using the arrows until you find something you are interested in buying.

4. Next click the image of the item and you will be given the option to teleport to that store where you will be able to buy it.

5. If you do not land directly infront of the vendors just follow the red beacon and look for the Secret Sale logo to find the event display.

6. When you have made your purchase and are ready to head to the next store simply repeat steps 3-5 and enjoy!

Can’t get the in-world HUD to behave for you? Then use our Web HUD! Located here>

See the full Shopping Guide here:

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