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#SCHOEN -Squared Nails – Glass

#SCHOEN -Squared Nails - Glass

#SCHOEN. has added a photo to the pool:

#SCHOEN -Squared Nails - Glass

The Inithium Event

This is a VERY SPECIAL ROUND for Internation Women’s Day! The best day to launch KHARA, the beautiful new mesh body!

It finally happened, I got my nail packs done.
Introducing this week 5 new nail shapes to my brand.
I am starting with a glass palette with 100 colors in a HUD!

The nails are rigged for following bodies :

*Khara/ Kupra / Kups by Inithium
*eBody reborn
* Legacy
* GenX by Belleza

▲▼ ! Attention! ▲▼

There is a DEMO for this product.
You will obtain the purchased Item as seen in the picture.

Enjoy your second Life and thank you for your interest!
Please visit our inworld stores for upcoming Items!

→ Inworld Store ← & → Marketplace ←

Details are below:


Event duration: MARCH 8-31 1PM SLT
Set up starts: MARCH 5 – 1PM SLT
Set up ends: MARCH 7 – 1PM SLT

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