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[QE] Spookzilla 2023 Hunt Key

[QE] Spookzilla 2023 Hunt Key

Her Royal HIGHness.. Queen Emmikins has added a photo to the pool:

[QE] Spookzilla 2023 Hunt Key

It’s heeeeeere..

The toughest hunt on the grid is back and chock full of spooooky goodies just waiting to be found o/

This year I have 12 (yes the rules said 5 and I have 12.. I’m speshul, I do what I want! ?) tiiiiiny green ghosties hidden around the sim and there is even stuff for the fellas out there ?

The 11th Annual Spookzilla Hunt & Costume Party

Hunt: October 20 – Nov 3 2023

Party: October 31st @ 6pm SLT

Hunt Key Gallery:

Happy Hunting and good luck.. you’re gonna need it ???

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