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Ordem da Rosa – Empire Day Bed

Ordem da Rosa - Empire Day Bed

LisaMarie McWinnie has added a photo to the pool:

Ordem da Rosa - Empire Day Bed

A reproduction of the bed seen in the boudouir of the Queen’s House, part of Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet in Versailles, dating from the times of Empress Marie Louise.

Includes the bed (both in blue and pink) and two chain links, one short and one long, that can be used in case your ceiling is too high. Simply link both the bed and the chain and the land impact will remain the same.

Comes with textures files, so you can customize the bed completely to fit the rest of your decorations.

"The style of Marie-Louise’s furniture and decoration is fairly similar to Marie-Antoinette’s. Both are characterised by great elegance, although there was a stronger emphasis on Antiquity in Marie-Louise’s decoration."
Chateau de Versailles

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