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Oracle – Identity Tank @GG

Oracle - Identity Tank @GG

OracleSecondLife has added a photo to the pool:

Oracle - Identity Tank @GG

10 years ago, I came out as transgender, FTM. It’s not something that I tell many people, because society has taught us that we should be ashamed. You know what? They should be ashamed. Let them be uncomfortable. This is OUR month! I am proud to be who I am, because I overcame obstacles that many people will never experience in their life, simply because I wanted to be myself. If no one has told you today, I am proud of you for who you are! Despite everything you’ve been through you’re still here, and you’re a part of a beautiful, strong community. We will continue to fight through the stigma and discomfort the haters possess. Let them be uncomfortable, it’s our time to shine!

With love,
Pariah – Oracle Owner

☆ Bodies
Ebody Reborn (Sb Mounds + Teacups) – Inithium Kupra – Legacy (F + Perky) – Maitreya Lara (Petite)

☆ Features
‣ 7 Different flag styles including:
‣ Asexual Flag
‣ Bisexual Flag
‣ Lesbian Flag
‣ Nonbinary Flag
‣ Progress Flag
‣ Rainbow Flag
‣ Transgender Flag

Oracle mainstore

– Join us in-world: secondlife:///app/group/4e1b2e89-198a-0986-5317-090e0e3ca171/about


Happy shopping everyone!

✧ Credits ✧

– Left –
Doux – Apple Hair
Dae – Simple Glasses

– Right –
Moon Hair – Petal – PAH edition
Oracle – Rue Harness

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