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New Release

New Release

neoscyber has added a photo to the pool:

New Release

[zeroichi fece Guard]

This is a facial accessory.

New Items Released.

This item is designed to guard the face.
It covers the front of the face.

Comes with a size script.

The back of the Guard is glow-in-the-dark or no glow type.

The demo includes the one without the glow.

We designed each one with the material’s luster in mind.
Please make sure to turn on the material settings when you shoot.

for all cyberpunkers!

You can use it to take photos, shoot machinima, or use it in RP.

/// Cyber item shop * 0壱 * -zero ichi-

0壱 -zero ichi- inworld store :

0壱 -zero ichi- flickr group Join us :

There is a poster in the store to join the group. Join and learn about upcoming new products and Gift announcements.

Please come and visit me<333

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