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namo. yee yee earrings @SoKawaiiSundays

namo. yee yee earrings @SoKawaiiSundays

namo. has added a photo to the pool:

namo. yee yee earrings @SoKawaiiSundays

STARTS ON 05/01✧


✧Fully Customizable
✧Fur On/Off Option
✧Copy / XYZ Resizer
✧100% Original Meshie

Just a little note that due to the fur being alpha, it likes to glitch out here and there with hairs that are long and/or cover the earrings. If this bothers you, there’s an option to turn the fur off!


If you have any questions or concerns with this item, send a NC to Graciecane Resident and I’ll make sure to get back to you

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