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"My King" Womens HUD @ Dubai

"My King" Womens HUD @ Dubai

–OMY– has added a photo to the pool:

"My King" Womens HUD @ Dubai

Love up on your king with our new "My King" hud available @ Dubai event opening tomorrow!

I love this hud so much and I hope you all do too!

All of our huds are designed to use with a target avatar that has subtle breathing or static AO’s and were not intended to use with highly animated moving AO’s. All the pose the target male avatar is using are sold in our store, however, they work well with almost all standing subtly animated/static poses as the detailed hud allows you to fully adjust your avatar to fit best.

Names of the target male poses used in this ad are available in the notecard accompanying your purchase, if you wanted to recreate the same looks in the ad.

Please read the information notecard available at our booth if you are new to huds like this as they sometimes take a little bit to figure out.

Dubai Taxi

See you at Dubai!

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