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MUSU Sect Uniform

MUSU Sect Uniform

MistahMoose has added a photo to the pool:

MUSU Sect Uniform

Excited to be part of the First round of ALPHA a men’s event.

Trying to switch it up by throwing out an outfit of a genre I personally am a fan of. Hmu on discord if you need recommendations to read 😛

Rigged for Gianni, Jake, Legacy M
Comes in 6 colors, Each representing a certain basic QI
Blue: Water
Red: Fire
Yellow: Metal
Green: Wood
Brown: Earth
Purple: Lightning (Not a "pure" qi.. Okay I’m not going to reveal how deep I am in wuxia)

I Hope you enjoy it!

Grab it here:
Cam sim:

Taken By ☁ Holly




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