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-MUSU- Pop Pop! Two Player Game!

-MUSU- Pop Pop! Two Player Game!

MistahMoose has added a photo to the pool:

-MUSU- Pop Pop! Two Player Game!

Really happy to be making this post, my second game release in SL!
It features a BUNCH of material faces so you can customize the colors quite well! These materials all share the same textures so its low-lag as well.

Available at the mainstore now!:

Pop Pop – Is a two-player game, The objective is to make the opposing player pop the last popper.

1. Starting player is randomized.
2. Each turn you alternate players.
3. Each player can pop as many poppers as they want, from ONE row.
4. Player who pops the last popper on the board loses!

Scripted by Journey Bunny

Video instructions:
The instructions are a bit fast, I will re-shoot them slower in the future!

Taken By ☁ Holly



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