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Merida Mexican Bedroom

Merida Mexican Bedroom

Marylou Dallas, Casa de Bebe has added a photo to the pool:

Merida Mexican Bedroom

My little Mexican bedroom is a loose interpretation of a bed and breakfast I stayed at long ago in the charming colonial city of Merida in the Yucatan state of Mexico.

It’s colorful and festive, with a few rustic details. The painted bed frame gives choices of 12 color combinations, the duvet and the throw each have six additional fabric options. The bedside tables, chairs, and the privacy screen are also texture change. An antique armoire with a scarf, stoneware lamps, cactus plants, giraffe planters, prayer candles, art, and serapes on the floor are part of this set.

The PG bed has 24 M/F Singles and 20 Cuddle Animations.
The Adult bed has 24 M/F Singles, 20 Cuddles, and 56 sex animations (M/f & F/f)

Everything is available to purchase individually or in fatpacks that are discounted 40% for the event. Adult or PG options

Exclusively for Swank, now through August 31st.

Afterwards in my shop
Casa de Bebe

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