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MadPea – The Celestial Circle awaits

MadPea - The Celestial Circle awaits

MadPea Productions has added a photo to the pool:

MadPea - The Celestial Circle awaits

🔮 On this final day of the hunt, the quest for the lost Dragon Eggs may be nearing its end, but the lore lives on! 🐲 The Celestial Circle awaits, where the sacred ritual to restore the celestial connection begins. Collect mystical artefacts, each pulsing with the essence of dragons and their guarded realms. 🌠 Only the bravest can complete the path of legends and unlock the secrets held within.

The hunt concludes today, but the adventure extends to April 7th. Secure your prizes, attend to your incubating dragons, and delve into the Echoes of Eternity Quest if you possess the UNLIMITED Hunt Hud. Seize this final moment to etch your name in dragon lore! ️🐉

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