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M-BdP :: Easter Backdrop Full Set

M-BdP :: Easter Backdrop Full Set

Methi Sinclair has added a photo to the pool:

M-BdP :: Easter Backdrop Full Set

Easter Backdrop Full Set we released on March 28, 2024
(Available also in a "Backdrop Only Version")

The FullSet contains:
6 Couple Poses & Props installed (AVsitter 2.2)
there is a 30% discount until March 18th, 2024

up to 2 sitters

Its a 3D/360° Backdrop and consumes 308 Li and it is C/M/nT

You can buy it in our
SL inworld M-BdP Main Store (2021)

BTW: Check out our M-BdP flickr group for more products and photos of them

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