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LUX AETERNA "Daughter Of The Dawn" @ The Epiphany January 2021

LUX AETERNA "Daughter Of The Dawn" @ The Epiphany January 2021

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LUX AETERNA "Daughter Of The Dawn" @ The Epiphany January 2021

Lucis et Pacis.


I am very proud to be able to present to you Daughter Of The Dawn, our very own first collection of clothing, using only the most exquisite fabrics available to us in the Infernal regions.

· Aurora Gown Rare ·
The Rare Aurora Gown & Trail comes detachable, and you may wear it with or without the trail. A customization HUD with many options is included.

· Stella Tiara Rare ·
The crown is an unrigged acccessory, and includes a large customization HUD as well.

· Halos ·
The "Lux in Tenebris" and "Lucis Et Pacis" are both halos that, by default, attach behind your head. The alpha text rotates as per Lux Aeterna signature.

· Globus Cruciger & Scepters ·
These accessories are made to be used with each other, each set is labelled I or II, denoting which set can be worn together. (i.e., Globus Cruciger I & Scepter I can be worn together, and so on.) They’ll pose both of your hands and arms depending on which ones you have attached.

· Sophina Top & Bloomer ·
The Sophina Co-ord is available in five colors, tops and bloomer come separately. Each one includes a HUD for frills and button options.

· Stella Headchain Exclusive ·
Here’s what our Exclusive item looks like.

ALL items have modify permissions, excluding the HUDs. This set has been rigged for Legacy and Legacy Perky bodies. Other sizes are not available at this time.

Please exercise smart shopping and try a demo before purchasing. Demos are available at the event venue and at the front of our shop location as well.

As always, we do hope you like it.

The Epiphany
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