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LORE Oasis Decor

LORE Oasis Decor

Lala L'amour [LORE] has added a photo to the pool:

LORE Oasis Decor

NEW for We <3 Roleplay, opening April 4th and 20% off for the event!

Elevate your desert settlements with the new oasis decor pieces!

Oasis Wall Kit – entrance with Kool door scripted doors 4 LI; wall pieces 1-2 LI each: straight, curve, window with working shutters, fence, and post. They are very forgiving to work with, so perfect for novice & experienced builders alike!

Oasis Well – 4 LI decor, animated water. [shown in ad with hanging pots from the pottery sets]

Oasis Bench – 2 LI, seats 2 individually with single M/F poses, as well as plenty of couple cuddles.

Oasis Pottery Sets – Made to contrast just enough with the rest of this set so it’s not too matchy-matchy. Choose red-toned terra or light tan clay. Each has 6 rustic pottery pieces with handmade imperfections, as well as 2 versions of a hanging pot for ceilings/porches. As a bonus, I threw in a wood pottery stand to display pieces in your home or village. Each piece 1 LI. They size up really well without LI ballooning.

Copy/Mod/Original Mesh.

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