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LORE Golem

LORE Golem

Lala L'amour [LORE] has added a photo to the pool:

LORE Golem

NEW for Enchantment, opening May 10 at Noon!

These stoney bois are looking for a good home. The golems are available in 8 different stone types [desert clay, lava, ice, coral, jungle, stone, granite, iron], or grab the fatpack to adopt them all!

Each type comes with the standing and sitting golems, as well as the "slumbering" version [aka a pile of rocks with eyes].

The standing are 8 LI at about 5 m tall, sitting is 8 LI, and slumbering is 4 LI. I also included a higher LOD version for smaller sizes that ships at 3 LI and 1 LI for the slumbering version. These can go down to 1 LI for desk size.

Eyes are tintable to any tone/glow.

Adopt a stoney boi today!

Copy/Mod/Original mesh.

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