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Limbal Ring // Eye Add-On for BOM Eyes

Limbal Ring // Eye Add-On for BOM Eyes

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Limbal Ring // Eye Add-On for BOM Eyes

The "Limbal Ring" is a darker border that some eyes have, and it gives a deeper glance and more definition to the eyes.
Eyes with a pronounced limbal ring are usually very attractive and they have a younger look.
In Second Life, many eyes are already designed with a darker border, but sometimes this is very subtle or they don’t have it at all (of course this is not a "minus", it’s just an aesthetical choice that reflects the variety of eyes existing in nature).
Therefore, you can wear this add-on either if you love the eyes you’re wearing and you only want to add a little enhancement/variation to them, or if you have some old eyes in your inventory and never used them because they look a little too pale or washed out.
This add-on has been drawn entirely by hand and it’s designed to fit round BOM eyes.
DEMO available
Link to MP in my info 🙂

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