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{le fil cass} Tessaria for Satan Inc

{le fil cass} Tessaria for Satan Inc

j a e ♥ {le fil cassé} has added a photo to the pool:

{le fil cass} Tessaria for Satan Inc

Tessaria wanders all around the creepy old mansion on a rainy saturday night, letting her imagination do its bidding while she scours all the dark corners and bookcases for secret passageways. There are 20 colors available, Fatpacks have 24 colors and are fully customizable!
For Maitreya, Lara Petite, Freya, Legacy, Perky.

If you spend 800L at the venue, you have a choice of a trick or treat box from all of the creators! the little neck bow is in the Treat box.

Fly to Satan Inc:

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