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Lalou – Sofa Naples @ FameshedX

Lalou - Sofa Naples @ FameshedX

Atblue Resident has added a photo to the pool:

Lalou - Sofa Naples @ FameshedX

Lalou – Sofa Naples – new release for FameshedX Event, started August 10th.

For sale at FameshedX

A stylish comfortable sofa for 1-2 avatars, to use alone or with the Naple Chair and Table. The colors and style also fits the furniture in the Milan series, and some of the other furniture at Lalou store.

Packed with 262 smooth animations.
For one to two sitters, it is designed to work with solo M or F, or any combination of genders, M/F, F/F, or M/M.
Use it alone, for with a friend or lover..


**** Solo sits ****
– The Sofa is perfect for sitting alone, or together with someone. The solo poses can be chosen individually from each other.
– Solo masturbation animations are included too.
**** Friends ****
– Friends sit together without cuddling, this menu controls both avatars.
**** Cuddles & Warmer ****
– Cuddles .. and warmer cuddles
**** Adult ****
– Many sexy steaming hot smooth adult animations are included in following categories: Foreplay, Oral, Ride, Front, Behind, Finish
**** Clean ****
– Cleaning of cum poses, works with "It’s not mine-cum layer system" and will remove the cum, like a shower would.

Color change on click with button. 20 fabrics, 6 metal+6wood leg colors – Materials enabled
As always, original design from Lalou.

Demo also at Lalou mainstore


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