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~L/Fx~Hot Tub – Candy Cane Swirl

~L/Fx~Hot Tub - Candy Cane Swirl

~Lantian/Flox~ has added a photo to the pool:

~L/Fx~Hot Tub - Candy Cane Swirl

Big Ticket Item – Advent Day 10 GIFT!

Come play the Advent Game at ~Lantian/Flox~! Shoot naughty elves, get this Relaxing Hot Tub.

*FREE* on December 10th… 80% OFF afterward!


BLOG ->….

* 100% original mesh
* Baked textures + materials + PBR
* 2 versions: regular avatars and Tiny/Dinkie
* 7 good animations (+7 Tiny in small version)

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