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~L/Fx~Beignet Plate – Regular Flavor

~L/Fx~Beignet Plate - Regular Flavor

~Lantian/Flox~ has added a photo to the pool:

~L/Fx~Beignet Plate - Regular Flavor

Beignet Plate – Regular Flavor
by ~Lantian/Flox~

Wanderlust Weekend Sale !
Super Low Price – the same as just FIVE uploads!

*ON SALE now through May 14, 2023 ONLY*



* 100% original mesh

* All custom, high resolution baked textures+materials

* Anyone can click to temp-attach unlimited beignets (donuts) to MOUTH (not hand)

* Beignets have nom (nibble/chew) animation for Bento heads

* Auto-detects most human, Tiny, or Dinkie avatars and adjusts to correct mouth position

* Low lag and unique!

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