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[Kres] Campfire Set

[Kres] Campfire Set

[krescendo] has added a photo to the pool:

[Kres] Campfire Set

Time to snuggle under the stars with our new Campfire set!

It can be purchased with PG or Adult bento animations for the Log & Blankets. The adult version includes Physics cock & v, Aeros, LoveBridge and It’s Not Mine integration – including a cleaning menu after getting messy with It’s not Mine!

Our Campfire Set Includes:
Log & Blankets – Bento animated – 8Li
Mallow bowl – Touch to get a bento Mallow on a stick – 1Li
Stump – Decor – 2Li
Campfire – Touch to turn fire on or off – 3Li
Texture HUD

The hud gives you multiple colour choices to mix and match including: 23 log / 23 fabrics / 6 bowl / 6 Mallow / 6 sticks / 5 campfire rocks options.

Available at this round of FameshedX, opening on the 10th of October –

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