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Hyper GT orange

Hyper GT orange

Doom Frenzy | AMC has added a photo to the pool:

Hyper GT orange

Hyper GT is now available in single colors just for L$1999 for limited time!

▷ Key functions of the car:
✔ Mk3 HUD with key control functions and weapon mod
✔ changing exterior and interior textures. Single color version of Hyper GT has at least 2 paint job options of the exterior
✔ weapon mod functions: scatter landmines / shoot nuke and rocket / orbit / turbo boost jump
✔ hybrid car soundest. additional sound sets are also available and can be turned on via car’s menu
✔ stereo system that can be activated through car dashboard / hud / menu. stereo is loaded with several synthwave and trance tracks. Upload of your music is possible, see NC for details
✔ 4 handling modes: cruise / sport / race / special. Additionally, there is a wide range of performance tuning options
✔ several camera modes (wide cam/dash cam/hood cam/etc). please stop using mouslook to drive! its retarded! Use different camera modes instead!


▷ Specs:
✔ original [amc] script engine
✔ original 3d work and texturing (diffuse maps and all materials)
✔ original LOD 3 and 4 mesh with lowest possible land impact (just 64 LI)
✔ original sounds
✔ original tailored animations
✔ no prefabs

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