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HFE Power Armor – Scythe 3 WIP

HFE Power Armor - Scythe 3 WIP

A Fantastical Notion has added a photo to the pool:

HFE Power Armor - Scythe 3 WIP

I am starting a remake of the Hands of the First Emissary Set – this time as a suit of power armor! So no black swirling corruption, or wraith stuff. I’ll also be trying to clean up the geometry a bit bc I was way in over my head when I made the original lol.

As for the release, this will be treated both as a new item and an update – anyone who has either version of the emissary set before the release of the power armor will get the new one for free. If you get the emissary set after that, you’ll have to buy both to get both.

This will probably be a unisex item, and it wont be perfectly like the original, since Ive learned quite a few things since then and would wanna design some things differently. Looking at rigging to Inithium Kario, Legacy Male / Female, Maitreya, ebody Reborn, and Belleza Jake.

For now, here’s the scythe! More to come later!

Created with Blender 3.3.7.

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