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HEXtraordinary – Antique Altar @UBER

HEXtraordinary - Antique Altar @UBER

HEXtraordinary! has added a photo to the pool:

HEXtraordinary - Antique Altar @UBER

This entire set is a collaboration between HEXtraordinary and Half Moon Market for UBER.

The Antique Altar is our contribution to the set. The wooden altar is a repurposed wood buffet that has been decorated with crescent moons and filled with magic! The Silver and Ebony Esbart Set by Half Moon Market is a set of 8 pieces; wand, athame, chalice, pentacle, candle, offering owl, incense burner and bowl of salt. Sit these beautiful items atop the altar and create a mystical space in your decor! The altar has Copy and Modify permissions with a land impact value of 3Li. The accessories are Copy only and have a land impact range of 1 to 2 Li.

Uber runs from April 25th to May 22nd
ღ TAXI to Uber:

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