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Giveaway Alert ~ Helena @ Equal10

Giveaway Alert ~ Helena @ Equal10

Pink Cream Pie has added a photo to the pool:

Giveaway Alert ~ Helena @ Equal10

Weather can’t make up it’s mind? Helena is your go to outfit coming to Equal 10 this Sunday. Stay cool with a sexy see through sheer option or keep it cozy with a solid version. Be prepared and stay stylish no matter which way the wind blows ♥

? Fave and Comment your inworld name for a chance at winning the MEGAPACK! ?
? Want a second chance at winning? Join the Pink Cream Pie VIP Group in the mainstore and enter the giveaway at the front of the store! ?

Find my booth at Equal 10 on Sunday!

? Megapack?
Top + Skirt
24 Colors + 12 Holo Designs

Essential Hud
Panties (Optional) • Sheer (Optional)

Try a demo to see it all in action!

#Maitreya • #Petite • #Legacy

Shirt and Skirt sold separately

I hope you all love it as much as I do!
♥ Vay
#equal10 #SecondLife

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