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GIveaway! Aine – Enchanted Bench (PG)AD

GIveaway! Aine - Enchanted Bench (PG)AD

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GIveaway! Aine - Enchanted Bench (PG)AD

🎁❣ FLASH Giveaway ~ NEW Release ~ Enchanted Bench at Enchantment Events SL❣🎁
Our new release, the Enchanted Bench, will be out at the Aetherium Nexus round of Enchantment, which opens tomorrow, May 10th at noon SLT.
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Introducing the Enchanted Bench ✨, a one-of-a-kind outdoor seating creation that exudes captivating elegance. This enchanting design effortlessly harmonizes with various themes, whether it be Steampunk, enchanted forest, vintage charm, or contemporary allure. Featuring couple animations and a touch-activated lamp 💡, this artistic bench is as functional as it is visually stunning. Settle into its embrace and let it weave its magic 🌟, creating a mesmerizing focal point wherever it resides.
Enchantment runs from May 10th to June 2nd
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