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Free Dove Gift

Free Dove Gift

by Dolphin Ayres has added a photo to the pool:

Free Dove Gift

hey everyone – I got invited to support the Free Dove – for everyone who don’t know – Free Dove is a place in SL since 2005 where a bunch of selected Designers put out free gifts for the entire community, all organized by Founder and Creator Palomma Casanova

Free Dove carries the following:

✓ Some skins and shapes
✓ Men & Women Clothes
✓ Accessories
✓ jewelry
✓ wings
✓ eyes
✓ hair clips
✓ Tattoos
✓ hats
✓ AO’s
✓ Shoes
✓ Hair
✓ Fantasy items
✓ AO’s & poses

I think its an amazing place, not only for new residents but also for everyone else – all you need to do is to join the Free group secondlife:///app/group/2b6ea148-253e-325d-bf8b-f7eeb8c25dae/about and visit The Free Dove – you need to activate the group in order to get all the gifts – so go grab some friends and enjoy 🙂

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