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FOXCITY. Boo Bento Pose Set

FOXCITY. Boo Bento Pose Set

Satomi Masukami has added a photo to the pool:

FOXCITY. Boo Bento Pose Set

The Boo pose set is the perfect addition to our Laundry Day backdrop release (previous post)!

This set comes with -unrigged- sassy boo sheets with eye cut-outs for each pose (and its mirror), are modifiable to fit to your shape and size and can be tinted individually (outer/inner)

! Please note the sheets are not meant for AOs etc, as they are not a rigged product and are made only for the specific poses in the set.

These are not made for decor due to their LOD, however we released an additional mini product containing 7 sassy boo sheets specifically for decor, 1-2Li each, with a slight ghostly hover animation. This product will also be available at ACCESS!

Opens today~

Paste this directly into your SL viewer’s address bar for a quick taxi –>>


The stockings are by 13ACT & booties by Dazzling.

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