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Inspired by the Wuxia Qing Gong (轻功), Chinese martial art of making oneself light as a feather, Flow is a movement augmentation system.

★ The system works without requiring Rez rights and works in most "No-Script" parcels.

★ Flow meshes extremely well with our other movement enhancement systems, Flux and Flourish.

★ Sound and Visual effects can be turned off if desired. Visual effects can be color changed.

While wearing the item:

– Default SL running speed is increased.

– User is able to perform enhanced jumps and double jumps.

– User is able to Glide.

– User is able to run over SL water and cross regions without issues.

– Petal FX while jumping! ♥

Please watch the video to see it in action. ♥

Worn In Photo:

Hair: Vco – Arina Hair
Kimono: Insomnia Angel – Hentai Kimono
Chest Cloth: Insomnia Angel – Mini Miko Sarashi
Shorts: Miss Chelsea – Naya Shorts
Shoes: Aloe – Yin Geta

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