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Fancy Decor x N4RS @ Fameshed X

Fancy Decor x N4RS @ Fameshed X

fancydecorsl has added a photo to the pool:

Fancy Decor x N4RS @ Fameshed X

Fancy Decor has teamed up with N4RS, known for their quality original animations, for a luxe adult collection at Fameshed X!

The Aurora Collection features an animated console with 28 original and custom animations by N4RS. It also features texture change menus to pick between 4 colors, and 2 metal finishes, and built in decor.

Other notable features in this collection include:
-Sex toys with gold/silver texture change
-Lamp with gold/silver texture change
-Original canvas painting by Jake Vordun
-Texture change line art featuring 4 figural drawings (2 male, and 2 female options)
-The console is compatible with the Physics P & V, and the INM system.

Visit Fameshed X now:

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