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@ Enchantment | [CIRCA] – "AetherLight" Greenhouse Table Set – Walnut

@ Enchantment | [CIRCA] - "AetherLight" Greenhouse Table Set - Walnut

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@ Enchantment | [CIRCA] - "AetherLight" Greenhouse Table Set - Walnut

The general theme for this round of Enchantment is a mix of the past and future, Steampunk and Sci-fi fantasy. I leaned towards some of this in the creation of our next release. I present to you, new greenhouse tables with an old world feel called "AetherLight". They encompass a variety of forest floor plants with some light, airy glass folding plants and animated glitter (better seen in night mode). They come in 6 colourations and 3 sizes. The black packs have 2 variations each. Perfect for your thematic roleplay, adding a touch of "greenery" to your space.

You can find these for 50% Off at our event booth.

Event Runs from May 10th to June 2nd

Find our booth here:

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